At SF Laundries, we’re often asked to meet the specific requirements of our clients and this is something that we pride ourselves on being able to do. From making the most of a small space, right through to enhancing the accessibility in a laundry room; we’ve done it all. Over the years we’ve noticed that one question in particular is consistently on the lips of our clientele – and it relates to which option is better: laundries that function, or laundries that look great.

What’s the answer?

Now here’s where things might become a little clearer, because the question actually doesn’t have a right or a wrong answer; but a combination of both. There’s no such thing as a washroom that can ONLY be functional and that’s why we spend plenty of time evaluating the size and shape of the room in question, simply to see how best to take advantage of what’s available.

We’ve worked within some of the tightest physical confines and still created spaces that look great and perform effortlessly. On the other side of the coin, we’ve made the most of larger rooms that ran the risk of looking empty, but by carefully introducing specific design features, we were able to prioritise comfort and elegance with minimal fuss.

Should you go for one specific type?

This will depend on your needs, but in our experience a combination of the two is always the most effective solution. There might be times when you don’t care too much about the aesthetics and in these instances, we’ll strive to focus on installing the features that you want flawlessly. On the other hand, you might want a room to show off to your guests, without losing out on functionality. If this is the case, we could help you by maximising the visual appearance of the room, whilst making sure that all features are expertly installed.

Could we help you to decide?

We certainly could. In fact, our experts are on hand right now to visit your property and provide you with a consultation. We’ll be able to involve you as deeply or minimally as you require – with our main priority being to help you to achieve your desired results. We take care of the concept design, sourcing all necessary materials, installation and everything in between for your convenience.

We strive to make the entire process as easy for you as possible and we do this by paying extra attention to detail, valuing your opinion and always considering your preferences.